Tuesday, April 26, 2011



If you have pictures of the State of Maryland you want to share with 3 billion bridgers...
Long overdue listing, I admit!
Starting tonite...

Monday, April 25, 2011



Check out the NEW ATAWALK video!

Sunday, April 24, 2011



This was a soft launch. There was so many NEW things, new options, new settings, it had been a while since I did so much HTML encoding myself... I was a bit overwhelmed but with the help of my Web-master-Extraordinaire... Sunjoyo Tanto, (he did the work, mostly, all I did was to reset some encoding errors after the move) we tamed the beast and ATAWALK.net is behaving as it should... stable and enjoyable, still a bit of a learning curve to polite but nothing a well intentioned bridger and a dedicated web-master cannot handle!!!

Above is me watching this event unfold and always wondering what the folks out there will think of the redesign... below is Sunjoyo performing his miracles!

There are over 1,5 million entries in English for covered bridges on the internet, over 570,000 in German and over 1.7 million in French. Haven't checked the Chinese yet!!!

But very few are bilingual. None are able to bring the visitors past the obvious linguistic barriers. Why would we bother some will ask... well, I dunno but nothing says respect for another culture than to be able to access one's soft-spot in one's own language or at least, one that comes within the parameters of one's own cultural identity.

ATAWALK doesn't have the resources to translate itself into all languages for all people, but at least we have open the road to a flow of information going east-west across what has devided people for centuries... WELCOME TO A "Covered bridge" between great cultures and great people!!!


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