Friday, February 27, 2009



The State Sanatorium bridge has been moved!!!
Awesome news for Parke County Fans... rumored and never spoken of in the east, covered bridge news from Parke are scarce. Again with the mentality of the eastern USA covered bridge societies being what it is, we really never get the full story or, we get some bias editing that removes any value to the work being done.

Now, because this bridge was moved from it's original location, the leadership of the NATIONAL SOCIETY for THE PRESERVATION OF COVERED BRIDGES will most likely snob and badmouth the initiative on the grounds that no original bridge should be moved... of course, regardless of the needs of the local population.
As usual, the "NATIONAL" will judge the project based on their shortsightedness and complete lack understanding of economic, logistic or jurisdictional factors. Covered bridge have always been moved where it was possible in order to be of use when traffic patterns or basic needs had shifted.

Here in Indiana, the covered bridge at the State Sanatorium was no longer needed. Adams road needed a bridge so it was decided that the State Sanatorium bridge would be recycled and put to good use. Because I am writing this, the NATIONAL leaders may indeed switch the tone of their rhetoric and choose to be accommodating...

I am working hard at making sure that acceptance and understanding of all the covered bridge preservation aspects are respected and examined!

Sylvain @ atawalk

As I had foreseen, an officer of the NATIONAL announced that indeed they cover this move... 2 newsletter later! For an event of this magnitude, had it occurred in Vermont or New-Hampshire, it would have been covered from the first to the last piece of timber moved...
I let you draw you own conclusions!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Longest covered bridge in the world

The longest covered bridge in the world today is located in the province of New Brunswick, Canada, in the town of Hartland in the St-John River valley and measures a whopping 1282 feet or 390.7m and was built uncovered in 1899. Unhoused as a 7 span Howe truss, the bridge was finally covered and place upon concrete piers in 1921. 

Stay tuned for the 10 longest covered bridge list coming soon to a computer near you!



What we get...

For most americans in the covered bridge domain... Asian bridges a totally outside the radar screens. They view these structures as unimportant. Footbridges are after all, a lesser species... at least their treatment of such structures here in Canada seems to point to that line of thinking.
We have a Pagoda bridge in Peterborough, Ontario that repeated letters and request for recognition are still to this day ignored... so for the people at the NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF COVERED BRIDGES... there is simply no covered bridge in Peterborough, Canada! 


Getting serious about this blog!

For months I look at this BLOG and never find the time to populate it...
recent events will find a place here for I made some amazing discoveries, and I also found that within the covered bridge community, there are still many people who have a very close-minded view of these wonderful structures!

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