Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Left, the Hartland bridge, photo by the late Rose-Mary Whitters.

  1. Hartland, New-Brunswick, Canada, St-John River 1282 feet/390.7m built 1899, covered 1921, longest in the World
  2. Laoche, Liangjiazhai, Rebala, Longshan Co. Hunan Province, China, Y-Shape bridge, 947 feet/288.8m, rebuilt in 2008, replacing much older bridge destroyed by floods, longest in Asia
  3. Longjin, Flower or Luck bridge, Hunan Province China, 811 feet/246.7m built circa 1511, completely restored in 1999
  4. Bad Sackingen-Stein, Germany-Switzerland, Rhine River, 673 feet/205m, built in 1803, longest in Europe
  5. Luzern, Switzerland, Reuss River, 656 feet/199m, Kapellbrücke, built in 1333
  6. Ashtabula, Ohio, United-States, Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge, Ashtabula River, 613 feet/186.8m,built in 2008, longest in the USA
  7. Longyan, Fujian Province, China, Tingjiang River, Dragon Bridge, 600 feet/182m
  8. Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Pont Perreault, Beauce-Sud Co. Province of Quebec, Canada, Chaudière River, 495 feel/150.8m built in 1928, longest in Quebec
  9. Fort-Coulonge, Pontiac Co. Province of Quebec, Canada Coulonge River, 487 feet.148m, built in 1898
  10. Cornish-Windsor, Vermont/New-Hampshire, United States, Connecticut River, 460 feet/140m, built in 1866, longest 2-span covered bridge in the world.

Saturday, July 18, 2009



In cities all over the world, structures are erected to facilitate the crossing of major streets and thoroughfares. As in the ancient times, these covered walkways serve a functional purpose and are made with the latest techniques... some plain looking, some fancier and some absolutely gorgeous structures give our inner cities a character of its own.

I cannot, in all honesty, not be interested in these structures myself for they are as fascinating as the cities around them. So ATAWALK.net is about the cities and the country. On 3 continents, from 400 BC to our age, you will tour great capitals, remote regions, famous landmarks and totally unsuspected vistas. Covered bridges are a place of reunion, and for centuries, they have allowed us to remain dry, take shelter and even pose love gestures... they are now road-side attractions, theatres, concerts halls, event facilities and still part of our modern infrastructures.

Covered bridges are universal! This one is in Thailand.



I will let the flow of new inquiries come through, and yes, you can send us your photos of URBAN BRIDGES all over the world, we will eventually post them.

For here is the covered bridge/Urban covered walkway I saw when I visited Hong-Kong in May 2009. It does remind me of a baroque structure in Dresden Germany...

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